How to explain brain development to parents

A course for practitioners working with parents with babies pre-birth to 12 months | taught by Camilla Douglas

Course description

Who is the course for?

This course is for health professionals, Early Years practitioners, speech & language therapists, social workers and anyone with an interest in promoting the emotional wellbeing of babies in their first 1001 critical days. You might be familiar with the subject already, or it might be new to you.

What does the course aim to do?

The course aims to provide a basic understanding of how the brain works, and equips you to explain brain development in a simple but memorable way, using our tried and tested visual resources. By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Help pregnant mothers connect diet and lifestyle choices with their baby's brain development
  • Explain the three parts of the brain and how it is 'wired up' by early experiences
  • Help parents understand how a baby's stress response is developed
  • Give a simple explanation of attachment
  • Have gained a solid foundation for further study

What does the course consist of?

1. The six session on-line training course, which gives the underpinning theory and methodology.

2. Our unique GroBrain Resource Pack which is included in the price and sent to you by post. The Pack contains training notes, tips on working with vulnerable parents, a book of illustrated key messages on 'How parents wire up their baby's brain', and three tried and tested visual aids to use with parents that really work!

How is the course material presented?

First of all the underpinning knowledge is explained in more detail for you as a practitioner. Then we demonstrate a simplified version, and give you the opportunity to practise it as if you were talking to a parent. This is a vital part of the course to achieve its outcomes.


You are invited to take the first session as a FREE TRIAL.
You only need to pay if you decide to continue the course.
The price is £60 (including £30 worth of resources).
Once payment has been received, your GroBrain Resource Pack will be sent to you by post. This contains the visual tools you will be learning to use on the course, so you will need the Pack before continuing with the training.

Additional resources 

Once you have completed this course, you will be eligible to access further GroBrain resources.

If you have any queries about the online course or the additional resources, please email

Camilla Douglas
Camilla Douglas
Founder and Creator of GroBrain

Camilla Douglas

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to how the brain works
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3. The three parts of the brain and their functions
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4. How parents 'wire up' their baby's brain
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5. Emotional regulation and the stress response
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6. A quick way to explain attachment
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